Big Lake’s Alice McIntosh, first vaxxed Island child, requests photo in paper to help other kids get shots

ANOTHER ISLAND FIRST SHOT! Even under her mask, you can still see seven-year-old Alice McIntosh broadly smiling after receiving her COVID-19 vaccine. Alice was the first child that received a COVID-19 vaccination on Manitoulin Island, through a Public Health Sudbury and Districts (PHSD) children’s vaccination clinic held recently. She requested that this milestone be recorded in this newspaper.

BIG LAKE – Young Alice McIntosh can prove to other children that they don’t have to be scared or nervous in getting their COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Alice was happy to be able to show other kids that they don’t need to be scared in getting their vaccination shots,” stated Melissa McIntosh of her seven-year-old daughter Alice. “Yes, she was nervous but very excited about getting her vaccination. I told her, it will hurt less than getting a COVID test.”

Ms. McIntosh told The Expositor that representatives of Public Health Sudbury and Districts (PHSD) “told us this morning (November 30 at the children’s vaccine clinic in Mindemoya), that Alice was the first child to receive a COVID vaccine (through PHSD) on the Island. She was very excited and wanted her photo in The Expositor, receiving her first shot.” 

Tracy Weatherbe, of PHSD, said “we did hold our first pediatric vaccine clinic at the Mindemoya Missionary Church on November 30. This is the first time we have offered this and have a number of appointments upcoming. I’m certain there was a cheer for Alice among the (PHSD) staff and volunteers for her (Alice) to be the first to get her vaccination.”