Billings Library celebrates its 50th anniversary

Happy anniversary Billings Library! The Billings Library is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. At the library’s annual book and bake sale, Ruth Farquhar, chair of the library board and Rachel Valade, a member of Friends of the Billings Library display the anniversary cake that was later enjoyed by all in attendance. PHOTO BY NICOLE SMITH

KAGAWONG—Billings Library celebrated its 50th birthday in grand style on July 11, hosting its annual book and bake sale, along with displays of the history of the church and an anniversary cake.

“We had an anniversary cake on hand for everyone to enjoy at the book and bake sale, in celebration of  the 50th anniversary of the library this year,” stated Ruth Farquhar, chair of the Billings Library Board, last Friday. “And we had displays and photos of the current library, pictures of when it was built and opened in 1984, honouring the history of the library and some of the people who were involved such as board members Jacqueline Gordon, Muriel Hunt, and Leila Sloan (the latter) who  housed the original library in a nice sized room in her home.”

After originally being housed in Ms. Sloan’s home, the library was then located in a small room in the municipal building until 1984 when the township decided to have a new library constructed.  

“Our annual book and bake sale was a big success again this year,” said Ms. Farquhar. “About $2,000 was raised to go toward the library, which is pretty good for one day.”  She pointed out the Friends of the Billings Library raised about $500 in the bake sale, and about $1,500 was raised in the book sale and lunch.
“We are also going to be taking part in the Summerfest celebrations (taking place this weekend in Kagawong),” said Ms. Farquhar. “On Friday night the Library board is showing the movie, “Jaws” on the Beach using an inflatable screen. People attending are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, or maybe float in the water to watch the movie. The Billings recreation committee is  providing goodies like popcorn and other treats as well as  refreshments which will all be available for purchase.