Campbell Horticultural Society celebrates 90 years with annual flower show and tea

Camilla Finley of Sudbury was the first place winner in the Terry Fox Run, Youth Only, section of the floral specials at the 90th  anniversary Campbell Horticultural Society flower show and tea. Miss Finley is a frequent Manitoulin visitor.

MINDEMOYA—The Campbell Horticultural Society celebrated 90 years, complete with music by Jim Smith, with a flower show and tea at the Mindemoya Community Hall.

The event was titled Decades of Flowers and began with the years 1928-1937 to showcase the Great Depression. This section specials featured displays that were miniature design, not to exceed five inches in any direction, and the first place award went to Penny Palonen. She also took first prize in the variegated leaf geranium section, small leaf begonia and zinnias.

The next decade, Princess Elizabeth Marries Duke of Edinburgh, was small design, not to exceed 5.5 inches by 10 inches in any direction, and Beverly Webster took first place. She also won Best in Class for a red rose, single bloom, as well as in the three beets class.

Seija Bailey is pictured with her first place floral arrangement in the Pot et Fleur section specials at the Campbell Horticultural Society 90th 
anniversary flower show and tea. Ms. Bailey also won the People’s Choice Award.
photos by Betty Bardswich

The decade from 1948-1957 was titled Elvis Presley and was free style design. Seija Bailey arranged the winning model, and she also won the People’s Choice Award for this beautiful design.

The years 1958 to 1967, the First Episode of Star Trek, was for synergistic design, that is, several containers in a composition, and Penny Palonen took top honours, while Camilla Yahake won first prize for a heart-shaped wreath in the First Heart Transplant decade of 1968 to 1977.

The next decade, dubbed The Terry Fox Run, was for youth only and was won by Camilla Finley. This design had to be done in a running shoe using wildflowers and grasses.

Section 7 of the specials was the First Noted Greenhouse effect for the years 1988 to 1997, and the design was pot et fleur, that is, a potted plant with cut flowers. Seija Bailey also took first prize in this category.

Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee, from 1998 to 2007, was marked by a mass design category which means the floral arrangement had to be a large quantity of plant material arranged in a closed silhouette with few or no voids. This section was won by Camilla Yahnke who also won in the Our Modern World special section. Ms. Yahnke won the President’s Choice Award for this arrangement. She also took top honours in the garlardia/blanket flower section, as well as Best in Show for house plants for succulents, and best under veggies for five beans, any colour.

The final section specials award for 90 Years! Happy Anniversary was won by Carol Lang for her interpretive design floral display. She also won firsts for her hostas in two categories, house fern, asiatic and tiger lilies and shamrock.

Several entrants in the show won several awards with Terry Thompson of Spring Bay winning for begonias, lilies, perennials, cranesbill, phlox, yarrow, floating rose, no leaves, and Best in Category. Mr. Thompson also won Most Points of Show, with Carol Lang placing second, and Camilla Yahnke third.

Marie Kirk of Mindemoya had a beautiful, unique plant on display, called Moses in the Bullrushes. She won first prize for her rose in the miniature, any colour, one spray category, the philodendron category, New Guinea impatiens, and wax begonia. Bernice Lewis, also of Mindemoya, had several winning entries including, cone flower, single bloom, which won the Best of Whole Collection Award under annuals, petunias, African violets, any shade of blue or purple and also the pink category, begonias under house plants, dipladania, also known as trumpet flower, and coleus, outdoor, three or more varieties in one pot. Sandra Strong also won in the cone flower section, this for double blooms.

Linda Harper of Evansville won first prizes for her clematis, outdoor potted plant, and floating begonia, no foliage, while Roberta McMullan took home prizes for best snapdragons, hydrangea, listeria, and Best in Class for dahlias and perennials.

Wilda Campbell of Mindemoya also won a Best in Class award, this for her orange gladiola. She also placed first for potted begonias, any colour except yellow.

Mary White of Providence Bay won first prizes for pansies, coleus, house plant, and potted begonias with two or more plants in a pot while Ann McFarquhar of Sandfield won firsts for her ivy and prayer plants and Alana Lubenkov won for her collection of cacti and succulents.

The judges for this 90th celebration of the Campbell Horticultural Society were Christine Liinamaa Osmond and Tina Hansen. The Flower Show Committee consisted of Diane Chmielak, Carol Lang, Carol Lee, Marie Sloss, Sally Blackburn-Sloss, Bev Webster and Mary White.

The Society’s executive is made up of President Sandra Strong, Secretary Sally Blackburn-Sloss and Treasurer Mary White. Meetings are held monthly, save July and August, and all are welcome to join.a