Duke Peltier returned as chief in Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory

WIIKWEMKOONG—The August 18 election for Wiikwemkoong chief and council saw incumbent Duke Peltier returned as ogimaa with a convincing 52 percent of the ballots in a field of seven candidates. The 12 positions on council were filled by Tim Ominika, Bernadine Francis, Lawrence Enosse, Sylvia Recollet, Lorraine Fox, Margaret Manitowabi, Marica Trudeau-Bomberry, Gladys Wakegijig, Rachel Manitowabi, John Dube, Brian Peltier and Amy Assinewai.

“It is a great honour to serve my people and I want to say chi-miigwech to all who came out to vote-in our new council,” said newly elected Ogimaa Duke Peltier in a prepared statement. “Because of your choices, we have a strong and dedicated leadership that will lead us into greater prosperity and unity in the coming years. I am very proud of my community and look forward to the challenges that we will turn into our successes and move forward together.”

The complete results of the poll for chief were: Jeffery Eshkawkogan, 23; Bernadine Francis, 84; Ronnie Joseph Odjig, 34; Duke Peltier, 614; Rosemary (Rose) Shawanda, 238; Marcia Trudeau-Bomberry, 115 and Gladys Wakegijig, 71. There were 1,179 valid ballots cast for chief and 14 rejected ballots.

The complete results for the 12 councillor seats on council Amy A. Assinewai, 305; Robert Corbiere, 214; John James Leo Agustin Dube, 335; Lawrence Enosse, 487; Jeffery Eshkawkogan, 164; Mark Raymond Eshkawkogan, 55; Peter Eshkawkogan, 51; James (Jim) K. Fox, 179; Lorraine A. Fox, 426; Bernadine Francis, 496; Robin George, 139; Raymond J. F. Jackson, 180; Christopher Johnston, 89; Raymond (Gerry) Kaboni, 163; Marilyn S. Kimewon, 197; Wanda Darlene Christine Kimewon, 88; Daryl King, 133; Frances Mandamin, 284; Margaret Tish Manitowabi, 402; Maureen Elizabeth, Manitowabi, 281; Peggy Sue Manitowabi, (withdrew); Rachel Manitowabi, 376; Rolanda Manitowabi, 249; Michael (Eshkibok) McCormick, 112; Stitch O’Gitchitaa (Manitowabi), 223; Tim Ominika, 616; Jason Peter Oshkabewisens, 99; Marsha Mona Oshkibewisens, 167; Jean (Trudeau) Oshkibewisens, 159; Brain D. Peltier, 317; Chuck Peltier, 298; Ian J. Peltier, 174; Catherine R. Pitawanakwat, 80; Cecilia J. C. Pitawanakwat-O’Connor, 270; Sylvia Recollet 487; Jacinta Solomon, 128; Adolphus I. Trudeau, 164; Howard B. (Small Boy) Trudeau, 128; Marcia Trudeau-Bomberry, 380; Sheri Wabanosse, 132; Gladys Wakegijig, 378; Daniel (Sonny) Wassegengeso, 224; Madeline Loretta Wemigwans, 155; and Phyllis Williams (withdrew). There were 1,167 valid ballots cast for the position of councillor, with 26 spoiled ballots.

The count was diligently conducted in accordance with the Indian Band Election Regulations. The results were certified by electoral officer Vaughn Johnston on Monday, August 20.