Canadians must change their polluting ways

Think about your children and grandchildren

To the Expositor:

Finally, there is one government official that agrees that there is climate change and that is John Kerry in the United States. It’s too bad nobody agrees with that here in the Canadian government because they are just creating pollution with all the new industries that are starting—it’s about the almighty dollar and luxury. Citizens have to let go of their luxurious ways which means going back to farming and working with the land instead of destroying it because when mother earth is being planted, it also helps it stay healthy.

Industrilization is not the answer because you’re just going against mother nature because the almighty dollar is blinding you not to see the truth. There have been a number of oil spills here in Canada and that oil gets saturated right into the ground and does a lot of damage to our mother earth and cleaning it up does not do any good either because it goes deep into our mother earth so the ground is still polluted and, like these windmills, they have a back system if they’re not turning, a motor, which burns fossil fuels. That’s what I heard so these windmills are just a bunch of BS—they’re polluting too.

It’s probably better to create solar energy because it’s coming from the sun and there there are the thousands of cars on the road each day and they are not clean because the auto industry is not being honest. They are just interested in making money.

Think about your kids and your grandchildren because they are the ones who are going to suffer because you do not want to change; they will pay dearly for your mistakes and I see this as a dire warning for citizens because it’s not getting any better, it’s just getting worse.

Ron Osawabine