‘Celebrity chefs’ needed for Community Living Manitoulin cooking school

MINDEMOYA—Individuals within Community Living Manitoulin have been taking part in a cooking class of late. It gives them an opportunity to develop basic cooking skills, allows them to try new foods and provides them with a way to sit down and enjoy a meal with friends. Individuals pay a fee of five dollars which, in turn, helps them gain experience and allows them to take home two dishes to put in their freezer.

“I know how to cook on my own, but I like coming here (to the cooking program) to learn new things,” stated John Phillip, a frequent participator.

The class is run by Alice Harmer or Michelle Dickinson every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 3 pm.

“We try to pick recipes that the individuals can make at home,” Ms. Harmer explained.

Meals that have been prepared include ground beef hamburgers and baked fries, pork chops and vegetables, and even a delicious chicken stew with dumplings has been made from scratch. A favourite dish that many of the individuals like to cook is pasta.

“I asked if we could make key lime pie, and we ended up making it the next week. It’s one of my favourites,” stated Jamie, another program participant.

The individuals who attend the cooking program not only get to bring home delicious meals twice a week, but they get a first-hand experience in the kitchen. They learn the correct way to follow a recipe, how to utilize kitchen tools, understand how to properly measure an item, dice and chop various ingredients, learn how to use stove and oven settings safely, and, of course, cleaning up as they cook in order to avoid an unsightly mess at the end of it all.

“Most of the people that participate in the cooking program are on a budget of forty dollars a week. Healthy meals don’t have to be expensive, just throw a few ingredients into a crock pot and you’re good to go!” explained Ms. Dickinson.

All too often we find ourselves going to the grocery store to buy a box of Kraft Dinner for a quick and easy meal. This program helps others to break away from the packaged food and explore new, healthier options. It gives the individuals a reason to be excited about healthy eating.

Community Living Manitoulin would like to offer a way to help people to get involved in a fun experience.

Those who would like to volunteer to teach a cooking class as the ‘celebrity chef’ at Hope Terrace in Mindemoya are urged to apply. A diploma in the food industry is not a requirement, but volunteers who have a passion for cooking, and feel generous enough to donate their time for a good cause are encouraged. A one-hour training session will be provided to the volunteer to help prepare them for the cooking session.

This is an exciting way to help get the community involved and have fun at the same time.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in being our celebrity chef please contact Monique via email to mdubray@clmanitoulin.com or call 705-377-6699 extension 29.