Centenarian Marie McHattie credits good genes for longevity success

Marie McHattie celebrated her 100th birthday in grand style at the Mindemoya Curling Club last Saturday, surrounded by her family and friends. Ms. McHattie moved to Manitoulin four years ago to be closer to sister Kathy Moggy.

MINDEMOYA—Family and friends gathered in the hall of the Mindemoya Curling Club to help 100-year-old Marie McHattie celebrate the occasion of her 100th birthday.

Ms. McHattie is a relative newcomer to Manitoulin, having moved here four years ago at the age of 96 to live with her sister Kathy Moffat (a very youthful-looking 80 years herself). “Oh, oh,” laughed Ms. Moffat as The Expositor walked in the door. “I’m in trouble now.” But there wasn’t too much to worry about, as her sister took her newfound fame well in stride. You don’t get easily rattled when you have been around for 10 decades.

Ms. McHattie lived most of her life in the Hamilton area before moving out west to stay with family a few years back, then moved to the Island. “I have always had Manitoulin connections,” she assured The Expositor, adding that she was delighted to be now living on the Island.

Ms. McHattie credits her family descent for her longevity, noting that her family members tend to live long and healthy lives. It is easy to credit that, as the centenarian remains far from frail and is quick with a quip and repartee, giving as good as she gets in the teasing department.

If there is a secret extenuating formula behind her continued great health, she was keeping it close. “No, no,” she laughed. “My family have always been long-lived.”

A large cake stood ready on a nearby table piled high with baked good and other delights, while quartered sandwiches and wraps a plenty ensured that no one would be going hungry at this celebration.