Charles C. Mclean Grade 2/3 class reading prowess takes them “Cross Canada” and beyond

Charles C. McLean teacher Robyn Best, with a new hair colour, and her Grade 2/3 class pose for a photo, earlier this week. The students took part in the “Great Canadian Reading Race,” reading over 3,100 books.

GORE BAY—The students in this class actually made their teachers hair turn colour through the amazing achievement the students recently accomplished.

“In November, the Grade 2/3 class began the “Great Canadian Reading Race,” teacher Robyn Best told the Recorder. “The idea was for each student to read their way across the country one province and territory at a time. The students got to work. After reading 10 books, recording them on their reading log and having a parent sign off, the students brought their reading race books back to school to claim their prizes and receive the next leg of the race.”

Along the way, students were faced with “road blocks” such as book reports to complete before receiving their next recording sheet.”

“One of our students crossed the country twice (with the number of books they read) and some were part way on their second round across the country,” said Ms. Best.

“In March, the students were provided with an added incentive,” she said. If everyone in the class completed the reading race, Ms. Best committed to dying her hair a colour of the children’s choice. “To be honest, I thought I would be safe,” laughed Ms. Best. But her determined students rose to the challenge. “A deadline was set and everyone met it!”

“Each student had written a persuasive letter of the colour that I should have my hair coloured and why,” said Ms. Best. She pointed out in class this past Monday, “the number of books the students read as of last Friday was 3,160 and some people were reading over the weekend. Everyone got across the country and in total the students read 3,180 books.”