Christian Kaiser-Fox participates in Toronto Waterfront Marathon

M’CHIGEENG—While it wasn’t the best marathon time he’s posted this year, M’Chigeeng’s Christian Kaiser-Fox was still able to keep his time under four hours.

“I did alright,” stated Mr. Kaiser-Fox, who took part in the recent Toronto Waterfront Marathon held October 16. “I did the full marathon and posted a time of three hours, 55 minutes, 18 seconds. That is the slowest time I’ve posted for any marathon I’ve taken part in this year.”

“I ran the first 10 miles at the pace I wanted to,” said Mr. Kaiser-Fox. “But as an athlete sometimes you have a bad performance, and this was one of those times for me.” 

“I’m still grateful that I can still complete the marathon in under four hours,” said Mr. Kaiser-Fox, whose ultimate goal is to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon. 

Christian’s next scheduled marathon run is in Florida this February.