Committee told insurance costs for old school increase significantly

Central Manitoulin Old School.

MINDEMOYA—There was some unsettling news for Mindemoya Old School Repurposing Committee (MOSRC) members September 17, when Central Manitoulin Mayor Richard Stephens said that the insurance costs for the building had jumped from about $1,700 a year to over $10,000. He stated that he has asked for a detailed review of this new cost and added that all councillors will have to make a decision on the mandate around issues such as insurance. Mayor Stephens told the committee that there should be an answer from the insurance company in the week following this meeting.

Under new business, the committee discussed its mandate which saw a term of one year for MOSRC. This time period ends in November and a request for an extension has to be made shortly. A presentation will have to be made to the finance committee which will then report to council. When chairperson Ted Williamson asked, “How long an extension?” Mayor Stephens suggested that the request should be for another year. Chairperson Williamson will do the report for the extension.

Councillor Alex Baran, the Central Manitoulin council representative on this committee also spoke of the costs for the old school building. In this case, he outlined the steps that would have to be taken around health and safety legislation concerning hazardous material. An engineering study will have to be done in these instances and implemented. The municipality is responsible for workers in the building, so this study is definitely a requirement.

MOSRC member Hal Love then stated that it would be prudent to have council check out the old study that was done, and noted that there is asbestos in the flooring and around the pipes.

Chairman Williamson mentioned that when Inco Metals Company tore down the old iron ore building, the whole building came down, rather than implementing a study and then removing hazardous material. “In this situation,” he said, “will have to take hazardous waste out, bag it and bury it.”

At this point, Sam Bondi asked if there were any other hidden costs, to which Councillor Baran commented that it was hard to say. At this point, Chairperson Williamson mentioned that he was “quite surprised to learn how low the cost was” for the teardown, removal of material and reroofing of the building.

He also brought up the subject of initiating fundraising, with Mr. Bondi saying, “I think we would be a little premature in that,” and suggested that the committee wait until the extension is granted.

Under old business, the MOSRC Chair had asked Central Manitoulin Economic Development Officer Nancy Kinoshameg if there was anything to report regarding the FedNor application for a feasibility study. Ms. Kinoshameg replied that there was nothing to report yet and that that body has 80 business days to report back to the old school committee and could take until December 19 to report back.