Community Living Month

What is life if it doesn’t include all of us?

By Tammie Molenaar

MINDEMOYA—Community Living is more than our name; it is the concept of all of us, the entire community, living together and supporting each other.

We are Community Living Manitoulin (CLM) a we assist people who have an intellectual disability to lead the way in advancing inclusion in their own lives and in their communities. CLM is a not-for-profit organization whose role is to assist people to live and grow as citizens of their community by facilitating opportunities for living in real homes and working in real jobs. Our range of supports encompass areas such as supported independent living, residential supports, respite, employment training, advocacy, recreation and leisure programs.

CLM supports people to identify their personal goals and to put in place the resources they need to achieve these goals. This personalized approach is highly effective and satisfying because it helps create the plan for a unique, meaningful life and provides the person with support, a roadmap, and steps to get there. It is our mission to ensure that all persons are fully respected and treated equally as citizens and members of the community. Each person will be assisted, in accordance with their individual needs, to act and have control over their own lives and to accept responsibility for their actions. Services provided shall support individuals on the basis of their own unique needs and abilities.

CLM is committed to encourage each person’s sense of self-worth, confidence and continuing development.

Empowering people’s abilities, looking to the community for innovative partnerships and creating opportunities for genuine and natural relationships to form is the exciting way that together we will create inclusive communities for future generations. Success has been witnessed in employment as over 15 different employers on the Island embrace diversity and benefit from the advantages of hiring motivated and reliable staff.

Our future plans include a new program-the Family Home Program. People in the community who would like to share their lives and home with a person who has an intellectual disability in a safe, supportive, and caring living environment. This partnership provides a person with an intellectual disability a nurturing family environment within which they can live, learn, grow, and become an active participant in their community. If anyone is interested in this possibility, please contact Tammie Molenaar, Executive Director at 705-377-6699 ext. 22.

May is Community Living Month. Come out and help us celebrate our successes, our dreams and future plans. We are holding a barbecue for all people receiving support, their families, CLM employees and the CLM members. Come join us on Thursday, May 26 at 5 pm at 6266 Highway 542 (Hope Terrace) Mindemoya.

Our goal of working directly with the community one on one is how the dream of full inclusion will be realized. Support Community Living Manitoulin to have everyone included as part of our community.