Community paramedicine promoted at Leadership Coordination Committee

MANITOULIN – At its meeting of May 25, the Manitoulin COVID-19 Leadership Coordination Committee heard from Paul Myre, chief of paramedic services of Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board  (DSB), who promoted community paramedicine.

The goal of the community paramedicine program is to coordinate and complement existing health services in a few key areas. The four cohorts of paramedicine include community wellness and seniors’ luncheons, high intensity supports, COVID-19 pandemic response team and community paramedicine for long-term care, said Mr. Myre. 

Paramedicine encourages regular pick-ups for marginalized and vulnerable populations. The program seeks to mitigate readmissions to the emergency department by checking up on those who have been recently discharged. It can assist homebound individuals in COVID-19 testing, assessments and vaccinations. For those who are waiting for a long-term care home bed to become available, health services are provided to them in their own homes, continued Mr. Myre. In essence, community paramedicine is a bridge between health services and provides accessibility for many people who might struggle to find regular health care.

The Manitoulin leaders said they appreciate Mr. Myre’s hard work with this program and encouraged anyone who may wish to learn more about it to access the website at

The committee will continue to meet biweekly. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 8.