Community spirit alive in Central Manitoulin

To the Expositor:

Last week, Central Manitoulin played host to three “Meet the Candidates” events. I am happy to report the public turnout was fantastic—the Spring Bay Hall was full! And something wonderful happened there; the myriad of challenges facing this municipality kept the crowd engaged but the steadfast hand of Leanne Lewis, the moderator, ensured both humour and decorum prevailed. All those present felt a sense of community and seemed to enjoy the good old-fashioned Town Hall meeting. It was a great night.

While the public participation was contagious, unhappily, the candidate participation was depressing; the Sandfield candidates missed the opportunity to hear Sandfield’s unique voices and concerns in the beautiful Sandfield Hall. One of the mayoral candidates attended only one of the three events. How can you tell us, on the one hand, you want to represent us when, on the other, you can’t even bother to attend the platform provided for you?

These gatherings proved Central Manitoulin has an engaged populace. Now all we need are elected officials brave enough to provide the transparency needed to fuel that engagement. Folks, it’s time for a change!

Therese Trainor

Spring Bay