Council decides to include snow load component in inspection of arena wall

MINDEMOYA – Central Manitoulin council has agreed that an evaluation and structural report for the Mindemoya arena (including a detailed site inspection of the west wall) will include a snow load report, even though the latter will mean an increase in costs.

At a recent meeting, council considered a recommendation from its office and administration committee, “that we recommend to council that Tulloch Engineering be authorized to carry out an evaluation and structural report of the Mindemoya arena, including a detailed site inspection of the west wall, without the snow load component.”

“I think we should be including the snow load component,” stated Councillor Linda Farquhar. “If we are looking to have the west wall this needs to be considered; snow is the problem on the west wall.”

Mayor Richard Stephens noted he had asked municipal clerk Ruth Frawley what the additional cost would be to include the snow load component.

Ms. Frawley pointed out the additional cost would be approximately $2,800. When asked what the overall cost of the report would be with the snow load component, she said the municipality would be looking at approximately $19,350. 

“The snow load is what is causing the problem,” said Councillor Derek Stephens. “We need to know what the snow load is as well and the damage it can do. Basing my decision on rebuilding and fixing the problem the snow load needs to included in the report.”

Ms. Frawley said the municipality is looking at a total cost of about $19,350. 

“I agree if we’re going to proceed with an engineering study, I would like the snow load to be included,” said Councillor Steve Shaffer. “There is no use doing half the job on the building.”

Councillor Al Tribinevicius said that the Manitoulin area has seen the largest amount of snowfall since 1972 when agreeing that the snow load be included in the study. 

Mayor Stephens said, “this is an important building and it holds a lot of people for a lot of events. It is important to know what it will hold, snow or no snow. I think we should spend the extra amount to have this included in the report.”

“I went back and forth on this at the committee (office and administration) meeting,” said Councillor Angela Johnston. “I’d be willing to amend the committee motion to include the snow load.” 

Council voted unanimously in favour of amending the motion to include the snow load component and that the total cost would be approximately $20,000.