Council gives approval in principle on styrofoam recycling proposal

MINDEMOYA—Central Manitoulin council has given its approval in principle to an Island businessman for use of its transfer station as part of a styrofoam recycling proposal.

At a meeting last week council considered a recommendation from its water, waste and education committee to council to support in principle the request from Justin Tilson of Little Current regarding the styrofoam recycling proposal. Mr. Tilson was requested to provide the municipalities with letters of support from local businesses who would utilize this facility and further that Mr. Tilson is to supply and clean out his own bin at the transfer station.

It was pointed out that Mr. Tilson has to have someone to tip the bin he will set up at the Central Manitoulin transfer station, to remove the styrofoam products.

“This was one of the options that he would have someone to carry this out,” said Councillor Alex Baran.

“So if I understand correctly the only thing we would be providing is the facility space for a (styrofoam collection) bin to be set up,” said Mayor Richard Stephens.
“This would save a lot of styrofoam going into our landfill,” said councillor Ted Taylor.

Councillor Derek Stephens explained Mr. Tilson, “is starting a  company to look at this. All power to him. I think it’s a great idea.”

It was pointed out by Councillor Stephens that this proposal is still in the planning stages.  Mr. Tilson sent us a letter requesting our support.

“So there would be no costs involved, all we would be providing is a place for a Styrofoam recycling bin to be located,”noted councillor Dale Scott.

Councillor Pat MacDonald noted that a formal agreement would be put in place once the plans are completed and Mr. Tilson opens his business.

“And his company should empty the bins when staff is there on site, this should be part of the agreement,” said Councillor Taylor.

In a letter to the municipality Mr. Tilson explained, “I write today to ask if it would be possible to set up a bin or couple of bins at Mindemoya’s transfer station to collect waste EPS (Expanded Polystyrene, aka Styrofoam)?”

Mr. Tilson explained, “I and a few others are developing a process for shredding and reforming EPS so that it can be used for insulation in building projects. We have several building projects planned this summer that need it. We’ll easily be able to utilize all of the Island’s waste EPS if we can sort out a practical means of collecting it.”

“We would be responsible for emptying the bins,” continued Mr. Tilson. “Would either empty them when they are close to full or on a reasonable schedule. The material has a large volume and a relatively low value.”

Council passed the motion giving its  approval in principle for the program being developed by Mr. Tilson and the use of the local transfer station.