Council looks to replace playground equipment

KAGAWONG—Billings Township council has given the go ahead to the spending of funds to hire an engineer to look at new playground equipment in the community.

“This issue is on the agenda. Council had said at a previous meeting to put this off until after our strategic plan was released,” said Billings Clerk Kathy McDonald at a recent council meeting.  “I brought this issue up at the recreation committee, that we can’t decide on going ahead until we decide where the playground equipment is going to be located.”

Councillor Nora Bath-Haring indicated, “if we hire a company that has experts in this, they will be able to come in and tell us exactly where we should be putting the playground equipment and what equipment would be the best for the area we are looking at.”

“Obviously, the playground equipment will have to be on our beach as it has been in the past,” said Councillor Sharon Alkenbrack. “They will be able to tell us what equipment we can get, depending on how much we are going to put toward new equipment.”

As was previously reported, council had the previous playground equipment removed as the equipment no longer met CSA approvals and standards.

Council passed a motion instructing Clerk Kathy McDonald to explore companies that would do a study of the playground equipment that are suitable for Billings Township beach at a cost of $60,000 installed.