Councillor distances himself from Tehkummah turmoil

Residents need to speak up and support positive change for the township

To the Expositor:

The recent events in Tehkummah have put this township on the front page of a few issues of The Manitoulin Expositor.

The council is getting shamed.

As a member of the Township of Tehkummah council, I want to make it known that I have not, in any way, taken part in—nor have I been supportive of  the calling of the “special” and “emergency” meetings of October 15 and 17 wherein the mob mentality for the call of firing the clerk-treasurer dominated the room.

To those residents of Tehkummah who support a positive change for our township, speak up and be louder than those who act before they think.

Councillor Ron Hierons
Township of Tehkummah