Court convictions – Smoke-Free Ontario Act

Two convictions under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act were handed down in provincial court on December 8, 2017. The charges were issued by the Sudbury & District Health Unit and result in fines totalling over $8,000.

Under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, individuals, employers and workplaces can be charged and fined for smoking in enclosed public places, workplaces, workplace vehicles, school grounds and hospital grounds. In addition, the Act requires that all employees and employers ensure that their work environment, including workplace vehicles, remains smoke-free.

Details about the convictions

  • The first conviction was to an individual for smoking on hospital property. The resulting fine was for $3,000 plus surcharges.
  • The second conviction was to a local employer for not meeting their due diligence in preventing smoking in the workplace including in workplace vehicles. The fine to the employer was $5,000 plus surcharges.

“The Smoke-Free Ontario Act protects our community from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke,” said Burgess Hawkins, a manager in the Health Unit’s Environmental Health Division. “These fines and convictions are reminders to individuals, employers and employees that they have an important role in making sure that the environment remains smoke-free.”

The Health Unit’s tobacco enforcement officers uphold and enforce the Smoke-Free Ontario Act by investigating complaints and routinely inspecting tobacco vendors, schools, hospital grounds and many public places. Investigations can result in charges and fines. Tobacco enforcement officers follow-up on every complaint received by the Sudbury & District Health Unit.

Contact the Health Unit with any complaints or inquires related to tobacco enforcement. For more information on the Smoke-Free Ontario Act or the Health Unit’s Smoking Cessation programs, visit our website at or contact the Sudbury & District Health Unit at 705.522.9200.