Cuts to MNR threaten Great Lakes

To the Expositor:

The province of Ontario has released its new Great Lakes Strategy. If the Liberal government provides the same support to this strategy as they have afforded the rest of Ontario’s natural resources for the past decade and more then this document is not worth the paper it is written on. You can find the document on the EBR registry or by using this link

The governing Liberals (now that’s a quandary) have done nothing but gut the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources), close offices and reduce manpower and service in the natural resources sector since they were elected nearly 10 years ago now. Their newest omnibus budget bill reduced spending on the MNR by a further 50 million and slashed environmental regulations. Consider how much might have been accomplished preserving, protecting, restoring and improving our natural resources if a fraction of the billion dollars the Liberals wasted in closing the two gas powered electrical stations had gone to natural resources.

As far as the Great Lakes go they have done nothing to stop the invasion of the Asian carp and once these fish become established there will be no fishery in the Great Lakes anyway.

Gaye Smith, former chair
Temagami Stewardship Council