Dean Roy re-elected in Sheshegwaning First Nation

SHESHEGWANING – Incumbent Chief Dean Joseph Roy has been re-elected for a third consecutive term by members of the Sheshegwaning First Nation. However, it literally took picking a name out of a hat for the result to be confirmed. Band chief and council elections were held in the community on Saturday, November 16. 

Electoral Officer Vaughn Johnston told the Recorder on Sunday, “there had been a tie in the election for the chief position—with Verna Hardwick and Dean Roy—and as electoral officer I had to pick a name out of a hat and Dean Roy was the name chosen.”

Mr. Johnston told the Recorder he has never seen a tie in the vote for chief, although it has happened numerous times for band council members.

After the votes were tabulated earlier in the evening, both Mr. Roy and Ms. Hardwick had received 34 votes apiece in the election. “The ballots were recounted and after there was still a tie for the position of chief, names of both candidates were put on a sheet of paper. I picked a name from the hat to break the tie,” said Mr. Johnston, pointing out both candidates were in attendance when this took place.

Ironically, there was a tie in votes cast for the two other candidates for chief, with both Joseph Endanawas and John Wabegijik receiving 26 votes apiece.

As for the election for council, to fill the four seats at the council table, Alana Endanawas is on council, having received 85 votes in the election. Albert Cada received 44 votes to finish second and gain a seat at the council table, while incumbent Nicole Bush was re-elected with a total of 44 votes. Marie McLeod also joins council, receiving 44 votes. Other candidates and the votes they received included, Nancy Cada, 39 votes; Cecilia Endanawas, 37 votes; Elizabeth Laford, 37 votes; Alex Cartagena, 32 votes; Lance Panamick, 32 votes; Robin Malley, 25 votes; Leonard Genereux, 24 votes; and Joyce Endanawas, 19 votes.

Chief and council will serve a two-year term.

Despite several attempts to reach him, the Recorder was unable to contact Chief Dean Roy for comment prior to this week’s press deadline.