Decoration Day calendar seeks to raise repair funds for war memorial

Linda Bowerman displays a copy of the new Decoration Day Calendar. photo by Tom Sasvari

SPRING BAY—Proceeds raised from the sale of a new Decoration Day Calendar will go towards necessary renovation work to be done to the Manitoulin Cenotaph.

“The pictures and text for this calendar had been contributed by Bill and Marlene Jewell in honour of Marlene’s father, John. C. “Jack” Bryan,” said Roy Eaton, at the annual Decoration Day ceremonies held in Spring Bay on Sunday.

“When the building of this new Manitoulin Cenotaph was being carried out, Mr. Bryan was the leader of a group of veterans who designed and helped build the cenotaph, along with volunteers,” he added.

“The cenotaph calendars take in the period from June 2014 to June 2015,” said Linda Bowerman. “Marlene’s father had a lot to do with the new cenotaph we have, and we need to raise funds to be done on the Merchant Marine Memorial.”

Small desk calendars are $10 and larger calendars are $15 and they include a cover picture of the Manitoulin District Cenotaph, the previous memorial dedicated to the veterans of World War I and World War II who are buried in foreign lands.