District Services Board assigns committee seats

ESPANOLA—Manitoulin Sudbury District Services Board (DSB) elects its chair, vice-chair and committee members are assigned at the first board meeting each year. This will be the final election and set of committee assignments before the next municipal election.

DSB board chair Bruce Killah, who represents the townships without municipal organization (TWOMO) on the DSB board, was acclaimed as board chair as was Richard Mallette (councillor with the Municipality of French River) for vice-chair.

The five members of the program planning committee for 2022 are Michael Levesque (Chapleau), Jill Beer (Espanola), Mr. Malette, Richard Stephens (Central Manitoulin), Kevin Burke (Sable-Spanish Rivers) and Chair Killah (ex officio).

The five members of the property committee are Vern Gorham (Baldwin), David Santi (TWMO), Mr. Mallette, Paul Schoppmann (St. Charles), Arthur Hayden (Burpee and Mills) and Mr. Killah (ex officio).

The five members of the human resources committee are Mr. Burke, Mr. Mallette, Mr. Gorham, Mr. Hayden, Mr. Santi and Mr. Killah (ex officio).

The six members of the finance committee are Mr. Gorham, Mr. Mallette, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Schoppmann, Jim Rook (Killarney), Maureen Van Alstine (Espanola) and Mr. Killah (ex officio).

Members of the adhoc board representation committee are Mr. Stephens, Dave Ham (Assiginack), Mr. Mallette, Ms. Beer, Ms. Van Alstine, Michael Levesque (Chapleau) and Mr. Killah (ex officio). The board representation committee will be wrestling with a challenge to the board funding apportionment following a challenge from the Town of Espanola to the current formula (based on population).

The chair, vice-chair and committee members will serve until after the 2022 municipal elections, after which new elections will be held and committee assignments made.