Dr. Cooper announces resignation as chief of staff for MHC, to be effective September 1

Dr. Simone Meikleham to take over position with MHC

MANITOULIN – Dr. Stephen Cooper has announced he will be resigning as the chief of staff for Manitoulin Health Centre (MHC) as of September 1, 2020.

“It is with mixed emotions that I bring forward a recommendation of my intention to step down as chief of staff,” Dr. Cooper told members of the MHC board at a meeting last week. He explained that he has been on the board for 17 years, 13 as chief of staff, and as he serves in many other capacities throughout the province, it is making it more difficult to keep up with all the responsibilities.

“And organizations need new leadership after a period of time,” said Dr. Cooper. “My current career expectancy is five to seven years, and I would like see this transition made now, not at the end of my career. Therefore, I am tendering my resignation as chief of staff.”

Dr. Cooper explained, “MHC felt it was important to get someone locally and we had a number of candidates that would be good in the position of chief of staff. We felt that Dr. Simone Meikleham would be the best candidate.” He pointed out she has indicated she will take on the chief of staff role for a one-year term.
“Did Dr. Meikleham give a reason why she would only take on the role of chief of staff for a year?” asked board member Dennis McGregor. 

“It is a daunting task to be the chief of staff,” said Dr. Cooper, as this position requires a physician to take on several jobs and responsibilities. Dr. Meikleham “strives to do everything to the best of her ability. I can assure you she has the skills, abilities and personality to do this job. She has the support and respect of the entire medical staff. (Dr. Meikleham) was my first choice for chief of staff; it was an easy decision. She has the backing of myself and all the physicians in the community.”

Mr. McGregor acknowledged Dr. Cooper’s “17 years on the board and 13 as chief of staff. It is a long time. Thank you for everything you have done.”