Economic growth is no solution to high energy costs

“You have to fix the problem, not jump over it and hope it will fix itself”

To the Expositor:

The candidates for office are not saying too much about the high cost of energy and how much they are going to lower it. I strongly recommend to lower the gas tax and home heating oil. Also hydro rates and delivery charges on hydro bills. Job creations may sound good but will probably not do any good because citizens will still be paying this high energy costs and it may just get higher to afford. People living on fixed incomes will make it harder for them to live.

With the high cost of fuel, our grocery bill goes up too, but they keep talking about economic growth. The citizens are not catching up to it. They may look wealthy but they probably owe the shirts off their backs. I would not call that wealthy because when you’re running a business you have to fix the problem. You do not just jump over it and hope it will solve itself. Well it does not work that way. You have to solve it first and then you can move on because that’s the way it works.

Until they solve this problem with the high energy costs it’s not going to go away and that’s just it. So fix the problem.

Ron Osawabaine