Farm Facts & Furrows

OSCIA workshop schedule

Producers can register at or for information about any of these workshops, contact Claude Peloquin at GYFP Workshop Schedule: Verner, October 22 and October 29; Earlton, October 23 and October 30; Powassan, October 24 and October 31; Azilda, November 1 and November 9. EFP Workshop Schedule: Powassan, November 3 and November 10; Verner, November 5 and November 12; Earlton, November 6 and November 15; Cochrane, November 7 and November 16; Azilda, November 23 and November 30. Biosecurity Workshop Schedule: Azilda, November 24.

Leased and rented land

Leasing and renting land are common practices in rural Ontario. The high capital cost of land makes leasing an attractive alternative to ownership. This factsheet addresses the general issues to consider when entering into a leasing agreement. The terms renting and leasing are used interchangeably in this factsheet. We are seeing more lease arrangements also across our Region- to look at these resources navigate to: