Farmland buyer purchases Carter Bay

CENTRAL MANITOULIN—The storied 6,400-acre property which hosts the fabled Carter Bay sand dunes along its 17-kilometres of water frontage has changed hands, sources confirm. The property, which had been listed for sale at $3.7 million, closed two weeks ago. The purchaser, Blue Goose Capital Corp, had earlier denied rumours that the company was in the process of purchasing the company, but things do change and Blue Goose found itself in a position to purchase the property.

Kevin Reed, president and CEO of Blue Goose Capital Corp., confirmed the sale to The Expositor’s sister paper, but did not disclose the purchase price or the company’s plans for the property. “We don’t know what we are going to be doing with the property yet,” he said. “We will be coming up with and developing a plan within the next year. We love Manitoulin Island and have invested a tremendous amount in agriculture on Manitoulin, and expect the (Carter Bay) property will be agriculture.”

“Everything just came into place for us to purchase the property,” said Mr. Reed. “And throughout the year we will be putting together a plan for the property, talking to local residents and members of the council towards this. This is a beautiful area.”

Central Manitoulin’s reeve and council admit to be as much in the dark over the sale as anyone. “Of course we are interested in what their plans are,” said Reeve Gerry Strong. “But we just don’t know what the plans are. If they amalgamate it back into one property, it could have a significant impact on our assessment.”

The announced plans to operate the land as an agricultural property have left many local residents scratching their heads, but unsurprised that the current owners are keeping their cards close to their chest for the moment.

“That property has had an interesting history,” admitted Mr. Strong. “You can’t help but wonder what is in store next.”