Writer applauds the Country Fest drive-in venue

To the Expositor:

Re: Nature, number of events at Country Fest site unresolved (March 27, page 1).

There may be new and interesting events at the Manitoulin Country Fest grounds. It is a great opportunity for local groups to gather or fundraise or celebrate the bridge or other occasions. As the parent of a teenager affected by autism there are few, if any, social opportunities for us as a family. The drive-in movies were a great way for us to socialize and see our friends and neighbours to share a movie. Even better, there was no cost to get in, only a requested donation to local charity. It was a nice modest turnout of residents.

Everyone welcomes tourists, but it is nice to have community events by residents for residents. I welcome more chances to gather together as a community. I understand the concerns expressed by the two residents that were published the article. I ask town council to consider this point, paraphrased in the famous movie last words of Mr. Spock: It is logical that the good of the many outweigh the good of the few, or the one.

Valerie McIntyre
Little Current