Festival hosts respond to fire ban controversy

To the Expositor:

In response to an article published September 12 (‘Little Current fire ban brews storm of controversy,’ page 9), we thought it important to clarify a couple of points. Mr. Don Warden is not an acquaintance of Kelly or Craig Timmermans. The first time we met Mr. Warden was Saturday evening at the Country Fest grounds.

Mr. Williamson refers to an 1-866 number and protocols for directing questions to the municipality. After the incident in question we were advised by Mr. Williamson that a protocol would be put in place to avoid any future misunderstandings, for example, a 1-800 number. To date, we have not been given this contact number or any reference to protocol. Thank you to The Expositor for printing this information as it is good information for everyone.

We appreciate the fire chief may have fielded several phone calls during the weekend. Again for clarity, we sent an email Saturday morning (August 11) inquiring about the ban. We followed up with a phone call that evening from the Country Fest grounds with Mr. Warden present. It is our understanding a staff member called Mr. Bailey early Saturday morning inquiring for personal reasons.

As a former member of the NEMI Fire Department (13 years), Mr. Timmermans has tremendous respect for the organization and the demands placed upon the volunteers.

Craig and KT Timmermans

Little Current