Final candidate slate set for Whitefish River First Nation election

WHITEFISH RIVER—The final candidate notice for the Tuesday, February 21 Whitefish River First Nation band election has been posted by electoral officers OneFeather. The listing shows five candidates standing for the post of chief and 54 candidates standing for the seven band councillor seats.

Standing for chief are Anastasia (Stacy) Cywink, Sandy Jacko, Murray McGregor, Rodney Nahwegahbow and David Shawanda.

Standing for councillor are Talon Chin-McGregor, Raymond Francis, Thomas Francis, Candice Jacko, Clifford Jacko, Gail Jacko, Jordi Jacko, Louise Jacko, Paige Jacko, Roxanne Jacko, Tania Jacko, Kim Laundrie, Melanie Manitowabi, Vanessa McGregor, Anita R. McGregor, Anthony Blair McGregor, Brandon McGregor, Brian A. McGregor, Giselle McGregor, Jeffrey McGregor, Justin A. McGregor, Leslie McGregor, Lorrilee McGregor, Lynn McGregor, Marida McGregor, Michael Dennis McGregor, Michael John McGregor, Tristan McGregor, Valerie McGregor, Crystal McGregor-Clark, Kigen McGregor-Pelletier, Bonnie Nawehgahbow, Curtis Nawehgahbow, Keith Nawehgahbow, Leona Nawehgahbow, Tammy Nawehgahbow, Julian Nowgabow, Esther Osche, Allien Paibomsai, Edward Paibomsai, Julianne Pires, Arianna Pitawanakwat, Carmen Pitawanakwat, Carson Pitawanakwat, Ignatius Pitawanakwat, Martha Pitawanakwat, Andrew Recollet, John Recollet, Hunter Shawanda, Richard Shawanda, Marilyn Jean Stevens (Ziegler), Murray Still, Amy Waboose-Jacko and Ann Robin Ziegler.

The election will be held at the Whitefish River First Nation Community Centre in Birch Island from 8 am to 8 pm on Tuesday, February 21. The band custom election code, supporting documents and official voters list of all eligible electors is posted and available during regular business hours at the Whitefish River First Nation administration office, can be requested from the electoral officer or downloaded from

Eligible voters may vote electronically, in person at the polling station or by mail-in ballot.

To vote electronically between 8 am Tuesday, January 31 to 8 pm Tuesday, February 21, electors should visit the above website and follow the instructions provided (a 10-digit band registry number starting with the numbers 230, date of birth and an email address will be needed).

To vote by mail, eligible voters residing off-reserve will be automatically sent a ballot if the electoral officers have been provided with a residential mailing address. If an eligible elector has not received a ballot package they are requested to contact OneFeather as soon as possible to provide an address.

Electors can receive information from the candidates by agreeing to have their address released to the candidates. The count  will begin at 8 pm on February 21 in the community centre.

For more information, contact OneFeather by email at, or by calling 1-855-923-3006.