Former Expositor editor offers thanks for veteran banners

To the Expositor:

Thank you Linda Bowerman for keeping the trust aflame.

My heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to Linda Bowerman and her legion of helpers for the tremendous success honouring veterans with the 32 banners!
As a child of a wounded WW II veteran it quickens my heart to know people are still remembering the two World Wars but also those in Korea, Somalia, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and those in training accidents.
Rudyard Kipling wrote this inscription for the Sault Ste. Marie cenotaph in 1924 and it applies to the many towns of Manitoulin:
“From little towns in a far land we come/To save our honour and a world aflame/By little towns in a far land we sleep/And trust those things we won to you to keep.”
Thank you, Linda for helping keep that trust aflame.
Diane Sims