Fundraising gala being held for Manitoulin Pet Rescue February 11

Manitoulin Pet Rescue gala fundraiser, to be held February 11 at Waters Edge Restaurant in Gore Bay.

MANITOULIN—With an ever-increasing need for the services it provides to help cats and dogs, but with the costs that come with it as well to provide the service, Manitoulin Pet Rescue (MPR) is extremely pleased a member of the community has taken on the task of organizing a fundraising gala for the organization.

“I went into Kat’s Pet Supplies in Mindemoya one day and was talking to Kathy (Jewell) of Pet Rescue). She said they were swamped with cats and dogs, and so much money is needed to operate,” said Carol Sheppard who is organizing the gala fundraiser February 11. There is no government funding available to Pet Rescue.

“A lot of money is needed and they are very busy,” said Ms. Sheppard. Amanda Beety, a neighbour of mine who has lived on the Island for the past couple of years and is also looking to help out in the community, suggested putting on a dinner fundraiser.”

“Running a pet rescue is a huge expense and that is why it is so nice that Carol Sheppard is organizing this gala fundraising event,” stated Kathy Jewell, an intake person with the local pet rescue group. She is one of only five core members of MPR, along with volunteer fosters and those who they can call if Pet Rescue is holding an event. She noted that since MPR started up in October, 2015, “we’ve helped close to 1,000 animals (590 cats and 397 dogs) and it doesn’t seem to get better and slow down. Carly Valiente does intake and adoption for dogs and I do the intake and try to find homes for cats. It’s a lot.

MPR adopts out cats for $300 and dogs for $500 but it only covers a portion of the costs, including, for instance, getting an animal proper veterinary care, such as spaying and neutering, deworming, vaccination for rabies, food (and litter boxes for cats) and “there are always unintended expenses,” said Ms. Jewell. “And for some animals, we can’t find homes to adopt them and we have to take them in. And, “we don’t have a shelter so we can’t take our feral cats or other feral animals.”

“We need to have a certain amount of money in our bank account as a registered charity,” said Ms. Jewell. “We are a non-profit organization. Carol heard about the bills we have and said to me, maybe we could do something for you.”

Ms. Sheppard pointed out the gala fundraiser will take place at The Waters Edge Restaurant in Gore Bay on February 11 at 6 pm. “The dinner will be prime rib, and a silent auction will take place during the evening.” We have 12 nice gift and gift certificates up for auction.” One of the gift certificates is for Waters Edge, a $260 gift certificate ($100 for use in the restaurant and $165 for accommodation of two people for an evening in their motel).”

“And Doug Smith and the Manitoulin Swing Band will be providing the entertainment for the evening,” said Ms. Sheppard. She said that as of last Wednesday, not quite half of the 110 tickets have been sold. “I’m hoping people will realize that the fundraiser is going to Pet Rescue to help animals that need assistance and a home.” She also suggested that animal owners should have their pets spayed or neutered. “Pets are very expensive and if you are going to have a pet you have to look after it.”

“I know of two full-grown adult cats that have been hanging around the Rockville Hall recently. I have been feeding them and I will be live trapping them. Kathy and Pet Rescue don’t have any more room for them,” said Ms. Sheppard.

Tickets for the gala are available at Kat’s Pet Supplies in Mindemoya,  Betty’s Convenience Store in Gore Bay, Manitoulin Pet Rescue, JD’s Nursery in Tehkummah,  and The Water’s Edge  Restaurant.