GoFundMe page established for youth recovering from massive burns

Liam Peltier, bottom left, celebrated his 13th birthday at SickKids in Toronto, surrounded by his family.

TORONTO—There is a long recovery road ahead for Liam Peltier, the 13-year-old tragic victim of a dangerous prank gone terribly wrong. The young man suffered severe burns to his upper body chest and neck in June after waking up on fire at a friend’s house.

The incident has left Liam with life-altering injuries that will require many surgeries and appointments at SickKids, The Hospital for Sick Children, in Toronto. The incident traumatized Liam, affecting him mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well as physically. Liam spent his 13th birthday in a hospital bed.

Liam has undergone numerous skin grafts already and is now out of the hospital, but he and his family need to remain close to SickKids for the next couple of weeks for follow-up appointments.

Even when he gets home, Liam will need specialized compression clothing and will be highly sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

The physical healing is one thing, but the traumatic impact of his horrific experience will require a great deal of ongoing support and therapy. His family have been sticking close by his side since the incident.

Wendy Debassige has set up a GoFundMe account where people can help the family.

“This will provide help to cover expenses for Liam while in Toronto and to return home to Wiikwemkoong,” said Ms. Debassige, who describes Liam as a great kid who enjoys riding his dirt bike, playing hockey and hanging out with his family and friends.

The incident in which Liam was injured is under investigation by police and no further information is available as of press time.