Gore Bay mayor says Jarlette Health Services committed to Manitoulin Lodge and the town

GORE BAY – Gore Bay Mayor Dan Osborne says a meeting with an official of Jarlette Health Services last week provided good news in terms of the company’s commitment to the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home and the local community.

“They (Jarlette Health Services) are committed to Gore Bay, which is good news,” stated Gore Bay Mayor Dan Osborne following a meeting with David Jarlette, president of Jarlette Health Services, which owns and operates the Manitoulin Lodge.

“I had a meeting with David Jarlette on Monday of last week,” said Mayor Osborne. He pointed out “we meet on an annual basis, although we didn’t meet last year due to COVID-19.”

Mayor Osborne said, “he indicated that Jarlette is committed to the community of Gore Bay. Everyone is disappointed that the Lodge hasn’t received any funding from the province recently (for a necessary and mandated rebuild of the Manitoulin Lodge to meet provincial standards), but Mr. Jarlette stated they are here and are committed to Gore Bay.” 

As was reported in the March 26, 2021 edition of the Recorder, an announcement was made by the provincial government concerning an investment of $933 million for 80 new long-term care projects, which will lead to thousands of additional new and upgraded long-term care spaces across the province. The funding included the expansion approval for the Wikwemikong Nursing Home with funding of $10 million being provides towards 37 new and 59 upgraded spaces. The project will result in a 96-bed home through the construction of a new building in Wiikwemkoong.

However, Stephanie Barber, community relations co-ordinator of Jarlette Health Services confirmed at the time that Manitoulin Lodge was not included in this recent allocation of new beds. 

Mayor Osborne told the Recorder at the time, “if, in fact, Jarlette Health Service had applied for funding; it is disappointing to see our nursing home, Manitoulin Lodge, not receive funding, again. This affects all of Western Manitoulin.” 

“The Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home is very important, it is critical to our town, all of Western Manitoulin and has received no funding (in two rounds of funding),” said Mayor Osborne. “It is fantastic news that funding has been provided for the Wiky Nursing Home, it is funding that is needed, but the Lodge needs funding as well, and it is very disappointing that funding was not received, especially since they as well have been mandated to meet a set of provincial standards in the next few years.” 

Mayor Osborne said it would be, “devastating to our community and Western Manitoulin if we didn’t have this local nursing home.” He indicated previously that he will be requesting Gore Bay council to support his proposal to have a motion sent to all municipalities and First Nations on the Island for support in lobbying the province for funding.

“Mr. Jarlette said the company is committed to the Town of Gore Bay,” said Mayor Osborne, noting Mr. Jarlette told him at the meeting, “they are going to continue to apply for funding.”

“I asked him what can we do as a town, and he and Jarlette will be providing some information,” continued Mayor Osborne, “but as he noted they are committed to Gore Bay, which is good news.”