Gore Bay Theatre production proves that laughter is indeed the greatest medicine

The cast of ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ included, from left, Deborah Graham, David Edwards, Bonnie Kelly, Will Smith, Kim Mayer, Tammy Robinson, Lori Evans and Walter Maskel.

The Recorder

GORE BAY—If you believe that laughter is the best medicine, don’t hesitate to get tickets to Gore Bay Theatre’s summer theatre production of ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine.’

The evening of hilarity includes five one-act plays and two monologues featuring eight wonderful actors, David Edwards, Lori Evans, Deborah Graham, Bonnie Kelly, Walter Maskel, Kim Mayer, Tammy Robinson and Will Smith—all performing at a high level of skill.

There is something for every comedic taste from the ironic, farcical comedy of ‘the Audition,’ to the poignant, witty humour of ‘Fathers,’ to the racy, adult content comedy of ‘Ma and Pa’s,’ the absurd slapstick of ‘The System,’ to the black comedy of ‘Ah-Choo,’ the bawdy humour of ‘My First..’ and finally to the farcical, witty comedy of ‘Where’s My?’ 

The Recorder really enjoyed the evening and very much appreciated the various styles of comedy. 

The audience smiled, chuckled and laughed out loud often during the performances and everyone was thoroughly entertained. Although there was no profanity, some of the plays did have “adult content.”

Following the performance, co-producer Walter Maskel said, “we had an excellent opening and the actors are performing with confidence and energy, extremely important with comedy.”

Co-director Andrea Emmerton added, “we chose plays that we could cast well and were entertaining to audiences when performed in the past.” 

Gore Bay Theatre also presents the multi-award winning drama, ‘This is How We Got Here’ by Keith Barker, an acting tour de force featuring Tara Bernatchez, Shannon McMullan, John Robertson and Will Smith. For powerful, compelling theatre this production is a must see performance.

The Recorder highly recommends both productions. Don’t miss them! Information about performance dates is available in the advertisement on Page 9 in this issue of the Recorder.