Gore Bay to provide recreational vehicle space for visitors


GORE BAY—It appears that the town of Gore Bay will provide a place in town for visitors who are travelling in recreational vehicles (RV) to use during their stays this summer, albeit in a different location than in the past and with limits on the number of vehicles that can be parked and the number of nights they can stay.

Stasia Carr, town clerk told members of the town general government committee last week, “we have previously talked about there being a lot of misuse in the past at the parking lot at the Harbour Centre, including hydro breaks, bonfires, visitors using the bushes as a washroom and people leaving garbage (all over the site).

“We had no problem with people parking at the lot at the Harbour Centre and for the first couple of years, we allowed people to park RVs there until the first year of COVID-19 with people everywhere and a lot of abuse going on,” said committee member Ron Lane. “I think now that we are almost totally out of COVID-19, we should again look at a place where visitors with RVs can stay for a night or two.” He suggested it is important to have a sign posted at the site or another one that indicates RVs are allowed to be parked for one or two nights at a maximum.

“And we should have some type of registration for people who want to use one of the lots for their RV,” said Mr. Lane. “I still think it should be free for those using the lots, but that everyone be limited to staying no more than two nights. We need a way to monitor the area so if there is an issue that comes up, we can respond. Maybe we could look at limiting the number of RVs to five (per night using space in the lot).”

“Anyone visiting the town and looking for one of the RV parking lots to use should be expecting that they have to register in some form before they get here,” said Mr. Lane.

“Just making a simple phone call to let us know who they are and where they are from is reasonable,” said Mayor Dan Osborne. “Our public works staff is out around the town early in the morning and they can check and see if there are any problems.”

“I fully support having an RV parking lot,” said Councillor Jack Clark. “But I can’t support having the lot where it was previously (at the Harbour Centre parking lot). Having RVs parked there detracts from the scenic view of the bay for people who are at Split Rail Brewery.”

“I wouldn’t be opposed to moving the (RV) lot to the parking lot on southeast part of the property between the (Red Roof) pavilion and the former children’s playground,” said Mayor Osborne.

Mr. Lane suggested a limit of five RV parking spots be provided. “I would be in favour of this (suggested new) location on the waterfront and it is close to the boardwalk.” He also recommended that the five parking spaces should be restricted to recreational vehicles, and things like tents should not be allowed.

“We could list the new location on our (town) website, the limits of RVs allowed, advertise that these RVs have to be self-contained,” (that the town was not going to provide washrooms or hydro and that tents are not allowed). It was agreed the town would need to provide garbage cans at the site.

“I would be in favour of providing this on a trial basis,” said committee chair Kevin Woestenenk.

Councillor Clark suggested it might be a good idea to have the town public works foreman look at the site and provide an idea of how much space could be provided for an RV parking lot.

The committee passed a motion recommending town council consider having the recreational vehicle parking lot opened on a trial basis for free at the waterfront area between the Red Roof pavilion and the former childrens playground and that a form of registration be developed, as well as determining how many spots would be provided, how many nights that visitors can park there and what signage needs to be posted.