Governments at all levels are very good at corruption

ConservativeTo the Expositor:

Well Harper government is making headlines again. Like I said before they’re very good at corruptions. Just a bunch of criminals trying to run the country and just watch these people. In the Senate, whoever is fraudulent with taxpayers’ money will get away with it. And there will be no fraud charges laid against anybody because that’s how things are done in the governmental system. You break the law, you get off scott free. But if an ordinary citizen did that they would be charged. That’s what these two levels of government are doing.

And the air ambulance scandal, they cut back on healthcare, then they want to make people pay back for their loss and right now I am not getting back reimbursement for my treatment. And until I do I will have skipped my treatments because that comes out of my monthly budget and I have been waiting for that for the last four months now. And every time I phone these people, they just give the runaround. I even contacted an MP about it but nothing is resolved and these two levels of government are telling the citizens that the country or province is in deficit. Well it’s their fault because of mismanagement of finances and somebody should babysit those government officials so that they do not pocket any money.

Ron Osawabine