Gravesite advocate provides context to Michael’s Bay history

To the Expositor:

In reference to what the secretary of the Michael’s Bay Historical Society (MBHS) said (‘Michael’s Bay books are properly audited,’ February 12, page 4) since they were formed in 2000 their concern has been to protect the gravesites within the town site. Their constitution and bylaws doen’t even mention cemeteries, so nothing was ever done. When I was a member of MBHS, and over objections, a cemetery committee was formed. We gave monthly reports but just as we were getting somewhere we were told that all correspondence had to go through the secretary, so five members quit.

A new group was determined to clean up one of the Michaels Bay cemeteries, so I contacted Claire Vandroemme and the Federal Public Works and both sent emails giving permission to go on the property and clean one cemetery, which has been done. These permissions are posted at the Michael’s Bay Pioneer Cemetery. The RCMP is under the command of Public Works, so they didn’t interfere. As for the issue of the yearly financial reports, Bill Wilson is pointing out that the accountants clearly state on their report, “This is not an audited report” and the MBHS members should not make a motion to accept the report as an audited report when it is not an audited report.

Doug Tracy

Little Current