Green Party candiate Calvin Orok enters the race

WHITE RIVER—Calvin Orok has thrown his hat in the ring as the Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing Green Party of Canada candidate.

A kinesiologist and ergonomic specialist, Mr. Orok is originally from Thunder Bay but now resides in White River where he is fixing up a 100-year-old home. He has worked throughout Ontario and is familiar with underground mining, work related injuries, health and safety and exercise and health sciences.

In recent years, his career as an independent consultant and promoter has taken him not only across the country, but to many areas in the Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing riding. He also has owned land on Manitoulin, a small deer camp in Central Manitoulin which he used for camping.

Mr. Orok has a history with politics, having run twice for council when he lived in Gravenhurst.

Mr. Orok was drawn to the Green Party by Elizabeth May (Green Party of Canada leader) and was impressed not only by the party’s platform, but how she handled herself in the Maclean’s National Leaders Debate.

“It think the Green Party has a very solid platform,” said Mr. Orok. “They are one of the only parties to talk about the national debt, which has only been going up under the Harper government and the the only party to talk about the importance of CBC. I feel CBC is especially important to Northern Ontario. The Green Party also has a vision of reclaiming rail travel and ecotravel.”

He is also concerned about the possibility of a nuclear waste disposal site in the area.

“It is not a black or white issue,” said Mr. Orok. “I have two degrees in science. In any introductory science degree, you get introductory courses. You learn from textbooks. But when you take a masters degree, they teach you more about critical thinking and statistics and you become very skeptical of facts and theories based on no facts. We need more critical thinking and insuring we have all the information to make an informed decision on the issue.”

“You will find that it is the duty of Green Party members to represent their constituents first, and their party second,” concluded Mr. Orok as why Canadians should vote Green. “They must vote for your way of thinking. They serve you first, and the party second.  Not the other way around.”