Sudbury Dolphin Aquatic Club holds fourth annual Little Current Big Clean-Up dive

Sudbury Dolphin Aquatic Club and volunteers who participated in the fourth annual Little Current, Big Clean Up dive pose for a group photo on the docks.

by Mel Young

LITTLE CURRENT— On Sunday, September 20, the Sudbury Dolphin Aquatic Club participated in the fourth annual “Little Current, Big Clean-Up” dive sponsored by NBS Auto Repair, owned by Rob (Fluff) McCulligh. Seventeen scuba divers and their family and friends removed a dumpster and a half of garbage from the bottom of the lake at the public docks in downtown Little Current.

Every year, the Dolphins focus the clean-up at different areas of the downtown docks. This year, the focus was on the west end of the docks. Found were three barrels, a number of tires and countless bottles and other debris; yet, there seems to be less and less ‘new’ garbage to pick up, which shows that people are being more diligent about putting their garbage into trash bins instead of the lake.

A number of community members showed interest in the event by stopping to watch or inquire about the event. A few people even stopped to help bring up heavy items founds by the divers! There has been growing participation in the event every year, both in the water and on-shore.

“We enjoy doing the clean-up dive every year to maintain and preserve local aquaculture and to give back to the community. Many of our divers dive the countless underwater wrecks and beautiful shorelines of the Island and share the same interest in keeping it clean for everyone’s enjoyment now and in the future,” says Jackson Young, vice-president. “It’s a fair sized task and we could always use more support from those willing to help out in any way.”

We hope to see you at the next “Little Current, Big Clean-Up” in September 2016!