Heart and Stroke Big Bike makes last appearance in Gore Bay

Team Gore Bay took the Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Bike on a trip through the downtown Friday.

SUDBURY-GORE BAY—It was a somewhat bittersweet appearance of the Heart and Stroke Big Bike this past Friday, one of the events held annually as part of the annual Gore Bay Harbour Days celebrations.

“We are very, very proud and happy to be here today,” stated Cori-Lynn Lemaire, area coordinator for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of the Sudbury and Manitoulin district, prior to the Manitoulin Transport and Team Gore Bay teams making their rides around the downtown area.

“We want to thank you for all your hard work and fundraising again this year,” said Ms. Lemaire.
Ms. Lemaire explained, “this will be our last big bike event in Gore Bay. The Big Bike Ride will, from now on, only take place in major cities-not smaller communities. We just found out the decision Tuesday,” noting the Heart and Stroke Foundation is closing 20 of its office locations.
“But on the good side of things it means more money will be going into research,” stated Ms. Lemaire.

Ms. Lemaire noted that with what the teams raised again this year, “in the past four years over $34,000 has been raised by this little town, and the Manitoulin Transport team has raised more than $5,000 each of the past four years.”

It should be stated that this doesn’t include the funds that have been raised by C.C. McLean Public School over the years through its Jump Rope for Heart event.

“The impact this little town has made and contributed over the years is amazing, especially when you consider there are only 900 residents in Gore Bay,” said Ms. Lemaire. “This town is filled with generous, wonderful people.”

A grand prize draw was held for all local Big Bike participants, with Amanda Hore of Gore Bay winning the grand prize of a weekend getaway; a two-night stay provided by Quality Inn, in Sudbury, two tickets to the Sudbury Theatre Centre, and a golf day four rounds of 18 holes provided by the Lively Golf and Country Club. As well there is a dinner provided by Bella Vita Cucina, in Sudbury.

Ms. Lemaire told the Recorder after the ride last Friday that the Jump Rope for Heart school programs will continue past this year.