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To the Expositor:

The Stop the Drop campaign hit Manitoulin about 30 days ago. Its mission is to “engage users in sustained self-education, dialogue and activity to address water level issues in Georgian Bay, starting now.” Its goal is to have 20,000 registrants by Labour Day; 3,000 of which Manitoulin Area Stewardship Council (MASC) has promised will come from Manitoulin.

Stop the Drop is the brainchild of its founder, Colin Dobell, a resident of Georgian Bay with the skills, time and dedication to create this electronic voice. When met with Colin this past spring, we quickly realized that he had succeeded in creating a vehicle for Lake Huron users to be connected—and that gives us a voice.

Stop the Drop Low is a broad coalition of individuals of all ages and types, who are concerned about low water levels in Lake Huron. It is not a lobbyist or political group, rather it is simply people like you and me, who care about this Lake. This year the campaign targets Georgian Bay and Manitoulin, but we plan to cast a wider net in the future.

Joining Stop the Drop Low is free. Our message does not advocate a specific cause or solution to the water level issue, but rather asks politicians to notice that their voters are paying attention to this issue, and to what they do, or do not do, about it. The website has strict privacy policies in place to ensure information is not shared with outside commercially-oriented parties.

Make your voice count. Make sure you, the kids and the grandkids all register at The more the merrier!

Therese Trainor, secretary

Manitoulin Area Stewardship Council