Killens apologizes to people brought before the courts in his career

To the Expositor:

According to media sources Bruce Nuclear Power Plant has turned five units off at different times this year to cut supply for a total down time of 40 days.

Since the plant is paid about $1 million per day, it cost Ontario taxpayers $40 million for reactors to idle at the request of the government. Forty million of taxpayer money to remain idle, do nothing, sit around, remain dormant, not function—money not going to education, health, social services, roads, fixing roads, helping flood victims, marine dock repairs, and a host of other needs of the human spirit.

Another example of the ever-eroding, quality health care for our citizens, our seniors, trimming education budgets till we have schools closing. Is anyone getting annoyed yet? So the list grows, Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, ORNGE Air scandal, closing the power plant in Burlington. All at an insane expense to the battered taxpayer.

The common reply pointed out to me in response to my utterings is the question, “What or who is the alternative?” I agree, not much out there, but this is a secondary minor issue, choosing new/honest/politicians, of considering the alternative. My issue is, do we not investigate and punish criminal activity and weed out people who are charged with minding the pubic purse and are found to be less than up to minimum standards expected of them? I was a police officer for 30 years and owe an apology to people I brought before the courts for doing a lot, lot less and receiving heavy penalties.

I ask your understanding more than your forgiveness as to why the law does not apply to all in a democracy!

Larry Killens
South Baymouth