Hey gals, make sure you get your ballots

If you have not received your ballot, call your town office

To the Expositor:

While canvassing door-to-door, it has become apparent that many people, seemingly the majority of them women, have been unwittingly left off the municipal voter’s list! As long as you are a Canadian who resides in a municipality and are 18 years old by October 24, 2022, you are entitled to vote.

The municipal voter’s list is predominantly prepared by MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) but if your name does not appear on a deed (land registry documents) chances are you might not be on the voters list. Anyone residing in a municipality (whether you rent or own, are a spouse or simply live here) is entitled to vote. You can contact MPAC with your occupancy update to get on future voter’s lists, but for this election, you will need to get a ballot from your municipality. Completed ballots must be received at the municipal office by Monday, October 24, at 8 pm.

By 1918, most Canadian women had won the right to vote. Prior to that, they were beaten and jailed in their fight for the vote. Let’s honour them today, by voting.

For Central Manitoulin voting information can be found at:

Municipal Office: 6020 Hwy #542 in Mindemoya or phone 705 377 5726 or visit centralmanitoulin.ca.

Therese Trainor
Spring Bay