Hydro One expands winter its reconnection program and unlocks security deposits for customers

TORONTO—Hydro One announced last week additional changes to its customer-facing policies. The company is expanding the successes of its winter reconnection program launched this past December to provide relief measures for customers that accumulated significant balances on their accounts over the winter months, it announced in a press release.

“We are changing the way we do business with our customers and working hard at becoming a trusted service provider,” said Ferio Pugliese, executive vice president, Customer Care and Corporate Affairs, Hydro One. “Last year we committed to reviewing our customer-facing policies and making changes to ensure all customers are treated fairly and getting greater value for the services we provide. We will continue to work at delivering on that promise.”

The changes to Hydro One’s customer-facing policies include: eliminating residential security deposits; reducing deposit requirements for businesses; new customer relief measures to help the most vulnerable customers that are at risk of disconnection; doubling the funding to the United Way’s Low-Income Energy Assistance Program; and extending Hydro One’s winter moratorium until June 1.

The relief measures for the Company’s most vulnerable customers will include: home energy audits, enrolment in all available financial and conservation programs, programmable thermostats and flexible payment arrangements. These measures aim to help customers better manage their electricity usage to get back on track and avoid any future disruption to their electricity service.

Hydro One is also putting “value back into the hands of its customers” by eliminating all residential security deposits, returning existing deposits and reducing deposit requirements for businesses. To help Hydro One’s most vulnerable customers the company will also contribute an additional $2.2 million to the United Way for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program.

To learn more, visit www.hydroone.com/fliptheswitch.