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Young bikers excel!
Congratulations to Ben Quackenbush and volunteers who made the youth mountain biking program at Assiginack’s McLean’s Park such a success. The ambitious venture had 10 riders out being active from ages 6 to 11. Each day the kids rode over 10km of trails while learning and practicing skills. They also had a race circuit that they practiced a couple times each day, and had some fun games each day as well such as a scavenger hunt, Easter egg hunt, obstacle courses, etc.
In their final race, Bradley Slaght had the fastest overall time, and Griffin Aelick had the most improved time over the week.
Congratulations to all of the participants: Griffin Aelick, Violet Aelick, Eliot Brunetti, Oliver Brunetti, Spencer Johnston, Jonah Moffatt, Isaac Quackenbush, Nathan Quackenbush, Rachel Quackenbush and Bradley Slaght.

Island Swim master!
Congratulations to Whitefish Fall’s Tamara Flanagan, not only a recent winner of the run-paddle-pedal, Mindemoya Classic triathlon but now the solo winner of the Island Swim. The Sudbury Fitness Challenge’s Island Swim 1.6km distance, Tamara had nobody even in her wake for the gold. Those of us with barely, life-sustaining skills in the water think we can make it to shore a hundred metres away if hypothermia doesn’t claim us first but not, Tamara! She not only completed the mile long voyage on her own without a boat under her, but in only 24 minutes and 6 seconds!

Massey Friendly Marathon Weekend!
The 43rd annual Friendly Massey Marathon took place this past weekend and there were several local participants. Completing the 42.2 km full marathon was M’Chigeeng’s Christian Kaiser-Fox, the N orth Shore’s Kevin Lester and our own MPP Michael Mantha.
In the Spanish River half marathon, Manitoulin’s Kevin Stringer finished 9th overall in a great time of 1:38 for the 21.1km feat!
It was great to see Espanola’s veteran runner Ken Henson still doing his thing, turning in an awesome 50 minute clocking of the Chutes 10km. An amazing achievement for anyone not even to mention his vintage! Other local runners include Starr Trudeau and Wallace Trudeau-Owl from Sagamok, Espanola’s Justin Leale, Jamie Perlin, Kimberley Perlin, Lynn Lefebvre, Erin Neufeld, Massey’s Logan Emiry and Samuel Currie.
Rocking the Chutes 5K were Little Current’s Caitlynn McCaig; Massey’s Rachel Germain and Ali Laginski; Massey’s Mitch Sutherland and Nicole Hanson; Espanola’s Josee Lefebvre and Webbwood’s Gracie Wolff.

Local Triathlete competes in Toronto event!
Two-time world hoop dancing champion Lisa McHayle (nee Odjig) from Wiikwemkoong recently competed in the Toronto Triathlon Festival! Way to go, Lisa.

Ultimate Tuesday!
Another reminder of Ultimate Tuesdays in Little Current. A game that was originally called “the ultimate game experience” back in the late ‘60s became Ultimate Frisbee and finally today, is known simply as Ultimate. It is often described as a mixture of football, soccer, handball and basketball. The goal is to get a flying disc down the field from player to player (without the disc holder running) and into an end zone. One of the amazing twists of the sport, even at the highest levels is that there are no referees. Players are expected to adhere to the ‘Spirit of the Game’ and play with the outmost sportsmanship and be able to self-officiate. Could you picture this with Island hockey?!
Ultimate Tuesday started as all organized sports do, on Facebook, thanks to Ben and Sarah Quackenbush. The group can be searched simply as Ultimate Tuesday on FB to check out the details. They are relatively simple. Every Tuesday all interested (you don’t need to be experienced…curious maybe) players will meet on the Low Island field at 7 pm and play till you drop or 9 pm, whatever comes first. You too, can be the first one in your family to use the word ‘hucking’ in polite conversation.

Conquer the Crater!?
In support of the Miles Against Cancer you have to check out Xterra’s event, this coming August 4 at Kivi Park in Sudbury on Long Lake Road. XTERRA Conquer the Crater: a race like no other!
One hundred percent in support of Miles Against Cancer (a joint partnership with the Northern Cancer Foundation), XTERRA Conquer the Crater and Element Racing is proud to join forces with MAC to bring the world class style of XTERRA racing to this region. Link and details can be found on the Sudbury Rocks Running Club’s website or the website.

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