Ice Chips & Canoe Quips

“Tying the knot” fishing style

Most have been to a traditional Manitoulin wedding. For sure, COVID has placed many limitations on social events but we have to keep finding creative ways to do things and stay connected. Especially during the winter months when there’s fewer daylight hours, it can be really tough on people. I’m thankful for our accessibility to such a beautiful territory.

Me and my partner really love the winter season and are hoping to get married in December 2022. With the rising cases of covid in our communities, its important that we care of mental health. Spending time outdoors connecting to our land has always been important to us and our health. I am from Wiikwemikoong and my partner is from Mississauga FN, which is why we’ve decided to allow participants from Algoma, Sudbury and Manitoulin areas. We wanted this event to be able to be inclusive of all of our friends and family. We really wanted to find a way to feel like we’re together but safely apart. When my partner had the idea for this event, we felt like it was such a perfect thing to do. We’ve received alot of really positive responses and are grateful for everyone’s support. We just ask that everyone stays mindful of all covid safety guidelines and most importantly, have fun! 

Fit Couple 

Dillon Ominikamigo. “I did complete a long solo run on November 13, which was 23 km long in 1 hour and 49 minutes. This run was a true challenge but something that I’m very proud of. On June 07, 2021 – me and my partner also walked/ran 53 km from the site of the former Spanish Indian Residential School to a sacred fire lit in Mississauga First Nation. We completed this journey in 14 hours with an incredible amount of support, many people joined us and our community where we reside (mfn) welcomed us home. It was an incredibly emotional and powerful experience. Together we’ve pushed ourselves to achieve our goals, especially when it comes to our individual development and our health.”

A good sport is good for sports