Ice Chips & Canoe Quips

Island elementary soccer tournament

The annual Manitoulin soccer tournament took place in Wikwemikong and Mindemoya last week on a glorious spring day. Little Current Public School had a near sweep of the four divisions. In the junior division, Wasse Abin coach and event convener Deana Debassige  ran a great event that saw LCPS taking both the A and B trophies. In the A pool, coach Courtney Chatwell-Lockeyer led LCPS squads to hoist the trophy. The A roster included: Alan Wilkin, Billy Biedermann, Keaton Gauthier, Aysia Francis-Debassige, Kali Francis, McKenna Barnes, Paige McKee, Katie Chapman, Conner Graves, Jared Toope, Noah Volpini, Jayden Hembruff-Rohn, Noelle Naokwegijig, Catarina Rose, Alex Keatley and Brett Mastelko.

The junior B winners featured: Vallin Bennett, Divine Commanda, Abrielle Mishibinijma, T.J. Green, Lochlan Buck-Orr, Colin Lindner, Aiden Negannegijig, Mackenzie Green, Morgan Green, Andrew Rose, Davin Deschenes, John Michael Taggart, Kalli Jones and Dale Belanger.

At CMPS, the Grade 7 and 8 class took to the two pitches. In the A division, again the Coyotes outlasted all other teams. In a monumental shootout 14 rounds were needed in a shootout to settle their final match over Pontiac. Coaches Ryan Crouch and April Jewell managed their charges to their protracted victory: Whittier Gauthier, Hillary McBane, Tessa Bellmore, Maggie Chapman, Tierra Abotosaway, Riley Lockeyer, Jared Cortes, Wyatt Corbiere, Darwin Wood, Derek Browatzke, Sydney Latva-Aro and Jack Renwick.

On the B-Side, hats off to: Anthony Dearing, Michael Bailey, Kyle Wood, Chase Hester, Trent Bell, Nate Merrylees Cooper, Kyle Greenman, Dylan Lockhart, Amelia Lewis, Malia Leighton, Jordan Bailey, Ayriell Nodecker, Lexxie Fawcett and coach Dan Smith.

Island karate athletes compete

Students from the Manitoulin School of Martial Arts competed in the Canadian Budoka Karate Championship held at Cambrian College on Saturday, May 6. Congratulations go out to Anya Wright who received 1st place in Kata in the Women’s 16+ Advanced belt division, Darwin Wood who placed 1st in Sparring and 4th in Kata in the Age 12-13 Intermediate belt division, Kyler Fletcher who received 2nd in Sparring and 4th in Kata in the Age 14-15 Advanced belt division, Alexis Bedard who placed 5th in Kata in the Age 12-13 Intermediate belt division, Mackenzie Graham who received 8th place in Kata in the Age 12-13 Advanced belt division, and Jessica Boyle who tried her best in a large field of competitors in the Age 12-13 Advanced belt division. Congratulations to all of the students who participated. Renshi Dan is very proud of all of you.   

Tallman triumph!

Both Kaitlyn and Emma Tallman ran separate 10K races this past weekend with great results. On Sunday, Emma ran a personal best of 36:29 at the Sporting Life 10K race in Toronto. (3:38/km average pace.)  She finished 66 out of 18,500 participants!  

On Saturday night, Kaitlyn ran in the Athletics Ontario 10,000 m championships on the track at Western University, London. She also ran a personal best of 36:19 to place second overall!

Tennis Anyone?

The Manitoulin Tennis Club is looking for anyone interested in playing some tennis! All ability levels welcome. We’re starting the 2017 season with our annual ‘Black-Fly’ Tournament on Saturday May 20 starting at 9:30 am on the Manitoulin Secondary School tennis courts. Come out and join us for round robin play as you’ll rotate doubles partners and get a chance to meet many other players. Cost is $5 per person and includes your tennis balls. No partner is required. Just come out to enjoy some social fun and doubles challenge. For more information and to register contact Chris at 705-968-0404. The club also meets throughout the summer on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. Come out anytime for some great outdoor exercise and fun.


“A limb has fallen from the family tree that says grieve not for me. Remember the best times, the laughter, the song, the good life I lived while I was strong.”

In a very short period of time the community of Wikwemikong has lost two great sporting figures. The quote above came from the remembrance card of the sports leader Paul Michael Williams, who passed away at the age of 69. His passing leaves a huge vacuum in the sports community as does that of Leonard “Chicken” George who began his journey to the Western Doorway the week before.

Both men were virtual legends in their community and the Island. Leonard was a hard-working farmer and woodsman and an almost permanent player on the hockey scene. Chicken helped coach, but it was as a longtime member of the Wiky T-Birds that he gained his renown. He was a member of many strong and Championship T-Bird teams. Once when he was in his fifties he switched to Sportsmen hockey, where he continued to be a force on the ice. I believe he continued to be playing well into his sixties.

Mr. Williams was involved in most every sport played in his community. He was a player, coach, referee, manager comma organizer not only at the local level but also on the provincial scene. He was unafraid to face any challenge organizing any hockey and baseball teams. Paul was an important part of the Little NHL which has grown from less than a dozen teams to well over 200. He served on the provincial executive and coached many numerous winning squads.

Mr. Williams was also an extremely important member of the senior T-Birds. As player, coach, manager he led his team to many Island championships. He was also an architect of the T-Birds team that won the all-Ontario, Challenge Cup Championship. Besides this he was a very effective trainer with the Manitoulin Island Jr. A Wild from 2003 to 2005. He bonded well with all the players, who respected his knowledge and commitment. The fact that he accepted the player Dale Herodier as a “special son” can attest to his interest, commitment and popularity. 

Chicken and Paul will be greatly missed. Baa maa pii, gentlemen.

A good sport is good for sports