International Lace Camp in Gore Bay celebrates 25th anniversary

The Gore Bay International Lace Camp is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! A total of 53 lace makers, shown in photo, are taking part in the annual week long camp in Gore Bay.

GORE BAY—The International Lace Camp in Gore Bay is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and fittingly the number of lace makers in attendance this year is the most that has been on hand previously.

“We have 53 ladies registered on our list of participants,” said Lauren MacDonald, one of the organizers. “This is the largest number we have had in a while at least; especially since we had decided to instate a cap of 50 participants previously.”

Ms. MacDonald said, “we have a few ladies here that haven’t been able to attend the past few years but are back this year, including Anna Plosinjak and Pamela Glew as well as June Wong.”

A welcome ceremony was held on Monday morning with Gore Bay councillor Jack Clark on hand. He told the lace makers, “on behalf of the mayor and councils, and all members of the community we would like to welcome you for being here this week and thank you for coming back each year.”
“Looking around this room none of you would have been alive when the lace camp first started,” stated Mr. Clark. “You’re being here this week is a big deal for the town, we really like having you here every year.”

“Again, I would like to wish all of you the best, and to encourage all of you to please enjoy the town and everything we have here,” said Mr. Clark. “We are very happy with what has happened in the town recently, and that it is on the upswing. And you are part of that. Thank you for coming back to the town each year, congratulations and best wishes on your 25th anniversary and enjoy your week here in Gore Bay.”

Ms. MacDonald pointed out, “a special ceremony was held at the Catholic Church in M’Chigeeng yesterday (Sunday) for a former member of our camp who passed away, Louise Cossette. She always began the lace camp with a visit to the church, it was her favourite place to visit on the camp each year.”

On behalf of the town Mr. Clark presented each of the lace makers who are new to attending the local lace camp an official town pin, and lace maker Katherine Hosszu presented a piece of lace to each of the new camp members.

Those who are new to the lace camp this year include Gail Christmas, Karen Doak, Patricia Fleming, Veronika Irvine, Cynthia Maxwell and Susanne Sardella.