Investigation started after large fishing net and rotting fish left in Lake Wolsey

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is investigating an occurrence on Lake Wolsey in which a large fishing net with rotting fish was found left in the lake.

LAKE WOLSEY—The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is currently investigating an occurrence reported by several Western Manitoulin residents of a large fishing net, with rotting fish inside it, found in Lake Wolsey, close to the bridge causeway in Evansville earlier this month.

An MNRF official confirmed that several complaints have been made to the ministry on the net and rotting fish being left.

Kevin Mossip, a Zhiibaahaasing First Nation resident, was one of several people that witnessed the scene on Saturday, August 5. He told the Recorder, “I was boating in the area on Lake Wolsey and was near the bridge at Lake Wolsey when I came upon the net with the fish in it.”

Mr. Mossip pointed out the net and fish was about 50 yards from shore, and the fish in it were rotten (so it obviously had been there for a few days). The net was large, at least 20 yards long, he told the Recorder. And  the fish species found in the net was bass among others.

Later, volunteers pulled the net to shore.