Islanders no shows for United Manitoulin Transportation meetings

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MANITOULIN—A representative of the United Manitoulin Transportation (UMT) group is not discouraged that no members of the public attended three public meetings recently to provide input on what is needed on Manitoulin to fill the transportation gaps.

“Well, I’m not too surprised,” said Guy Dumas, after scheduled meetings in Mindemoya, Manitowaning and Little Current earlier this month. “This is not a setback, I know there is a lot of interest on the Island. At this time of the year, summer, people are very busy and attending meetings might not be at the top of their priority list.”

Mr. Dumas said, “this was just the initial testing of the waters.

“We are going to do this is in a different way to garner input,” added Mr. Dumas.

As part of a feasibility study being carried out by the Transit Consulting Network (TCN) and the United Manitoulin Transportation (UMT) group it is hoped that local residents will provide their input on what is needed on the island-to fill the transportation gaps, so a solution can be designed for this.